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The Blast catch up with DBridge

Blast residents A Quake caught up with DBridge ahead of our upcoming event with Exit Records at Exchange on Saturday 24th November to ask him a few questions and see if we can find out what makes one of our all time musical heroes tick.

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Thanks for talking to us. So firstly what can we expect from the upcoming Exit records showcase at Exchange?
A night of upfront forward thinking music, from artists at the top of their game.
Nice. So on the lineup aside from yourself we have, Calibre and Marcus Intalex upstairs, and then in the basement Consequence, and Trevino. What are your top tunes from any of these guys? 
Consequence has done a collab with a kid called FIS which is coming on Mosaic Vol 2.
Calibre has a track called Honeydew which I love.
Marcus has also written a track for Mosaic Vol 2 called ‘These days’.
Calibre ‘Honeydew’ on YouTube
And what about in general. What tunes never leave DBridge’s bag? 
I use Serato so I’m lucky, no tune ever leaves my bag! Some current faves are
Skeptical – ‘The Move’
Dub Phizix – ‘Yukon’
Instra:mental – ‘Fist’ 
Om Unit & Boabinga – ‘Electribe Riddim’
We hear you used to live in Bristol at one stage. What were your favourite things about living here?
Prime Cuts record shop on Gloucester Rd was one of my fave things about Briz, a lot of my tunes were made up of what I dug out in this shop.
And any other local spots you’d recommend? Maybe somewhere to go for food or drink before the event?
I always enjoyed breakfast at Primrose cafe on a Sunday.
The life of a DJ involves a lot of driving from city to city of a weekend. Are you much of a car person?
I love cars, don’t own one at the moment though, living in London I don’t really need it.
What would be your dream ride if you could have any car? or what was the favourite car you’ve owned?
Dream car would be a Ferrari 256 Dino or a Mercedes Gull Wing..
Ferrari Dino
Nice! What about your introduction to music. We understand that your brother is also a musician (Steve Spacek) so can we take it that yours is a fairly musical family? 
It’s mainly me and my brother who pursed the musical route, although my younger sister is multi instrumentalist.
So pretty musical then. What sort of tunes did your parents have on the stereo when you were a kid?
Reggae and Soul. Dennis Brown, John Holt, Marvin Gaye.
What about personally. What was the first record you bought?
Disney’s Jungle Book soundtrack!
What about your first gig?
I used to do Live PA’s for Desert Storm at Lee Valley trading estate. Basically some keyboards unplugged on stage, whilst a DAT played!
Nice. That sounds very 90s Top of the Pops! So you’ve been fairly prolific over the course of your career. What would be your personal favourite tune from the DBridge back catalogue if you could pick one? 
Hard to say, it’s probably between Mr Malcontent and Mourning Dawn
DBridge Mr Malcontent on YouTube
DBridge Mourning Dawn on YouTube
What about a tune you wish you’d made (can be anything DnB or non DnB)?
DNB wise: Dj Krust Futures Unknown. Non DNB anything by Stevie Wonder or Prince.
Dj Krust Futures Unknown on YouTube
Who or what acts have caught your attention recently / any ones to watch?
Skeptical, Clarity and Om Unit.
Its the Sunday after the event and you’re recovering. How do you spend your day? (favourite hangover film / food / activity?). 
I cook a mean roast with all the trimmings, then chill and watch some ‘Its Always sunny in Philadelphia’ or maybe ‘The League’ anything funny basically.
Nice! Finally anything else you’d like to mention forthcoming on Exit or personally? 
Mosaic Vol 2 will be landing soon. New single from Dub Phizix and Skittes “I’m a creator” (to see our competition to win a vinyl copy of Creator along with other Exit goodies *click here*). I’m also currently working on a miniLP too.