The Blast x Bodynod Christmas Special

  • 28th Dec 2015
  • 21:00 - Late
  • £2 / £4 / MOTD

T’was right after Christmas, things started looking peak.
The arguments had started, and stomachs did creak.
The whole family was pissed… watching Oliver Twist,
Couldn’t recall putting so many socks on your list…

But gadzooks! and By Jove! There’s a wave on the way…
The Blast crew got turnt up and jacked Santa’s sleigh!
With the Bodynod mandem and a sack full of grime,
This rave couldn’t have happened at a much better time!

So folks grab your garms, that new Mosch and fragr-ance,
We’re throwing a super exclusive, intimate dance.
With some special guests incoming plus full residents crew,
Only 100 tickets for sale, so you know what to do…


Special Guest TBA
Special Guest TBA
Blazey Bodynod
Fireman Sam
Tom Blast

Hosted By:

+ Special guests


46 Gloucester Lane
Old Market, Bristol

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