The Blast speaks to DJ Hype

Playaz label boss DJ Hype is not only an international DnB legend but also one of our personal all time favourite DJs here at The Blast. Not only have we finally managed to snare a set from him at the next show, but last weekend we were lucky enough to get the chance ask him a few questions ahead of his upcoming Blast debut at STB on October 18th as part of Bristol in:Motion.

As we know Hype is also something of an icon for many other DnB and bassmusic producers we decided to give some of the other acts playing on October the 18th the chance to put their own questions to him too. Read on to find out more…


What’s your favorite thing about playing in Bristol?

I love the vibe of the people, and the music scene in Bristol always looks more united than in other places too.

Plastician asks… I’d like to know if now that you now DJ off Serato, do you still look after you old dubplates, and would you ever consider selling them, even if you were never going to play them again? I could never imagine letting anyone else have mine!

I still have all my vinyl and all my dub plates but never really play them any more, I have a nostalgic love for them as they played a huge part in my development as a artist, I have no plans to get rid of them but i would never say never.

What’s the weirdest gig you’ve ever played?

In 1991 i djed on Okinawa island off of Japan with Shut Up and Dance. We opened a brand new shopping centre and performed on the top floor to confused audiences that had never heard the British sound of early jungle!

Fracture asks… Can you tell us the story behind the sample in ‘Pum Pum Must Smoke Ganja’? Where did you find it?

I made this song with  close friend who brought with him a cassette of his friend having sex with a girl who was not his girlfriend… the recording had us crying with laughter so we used it in the track, then we started panicking about the girl would find out we used her in a track but then we realised who in their right mind would admit that its them on the cassette getting screwed by a man who was not her boyfriend!… I don’t think any girl would admit to saying “I never say no, why would I wanna say no for ?” when talking about having sex with men!!! lol!

Favourite ever use of a sample in a track?

100% pum pum must smoke ganja!

We’ve heard you like dogs. What type of dog do you own and what’s he/she called?

My last dog was called snoop and I had him for 18years, he became my mascot and nearly everyone in the drum and bass jungle scene knew him. He died in 2011 and I now have a dog called “bully” who will be 2 years old this coming December, he is a mix of American bulldog, Staffordshire bull terrier and English bull terrier (thats why he is called bully) he looks like he would rip your head off but he is a pussycat really.

Hype kindly sent us a nice photo of Bully too!


Sam Binga asks… Do you ever miss making or playing stuff like the breakstep bits you used to do? The Hype RMX of Pharoahe Monch ‘Oh No’ for example – still an absolute banger!

break step??? That’s not what I call it  lol.. I made those tracks just to prove I could could do the whole 138bpm thing and if you check my musical history u will find I did quite a few non drum and bass tracks back then at different tempos but there was no real market for those styles back then but i loved doing them… Sometimes I think I should of done a album back then of just weird hype tracks.

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Wrestled a lion! lol

Best advice anyone’s ever given you?

“Don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do”

What music do you enjoy outside of DnB?

I listen to all types of music, everything from reggae sound clashes to opera!

Justin from Trap magazine asks… Being a label owner of nearly 20 years what are the main differences in the industry now compared to back when you first started out?

It was all about  building a buzz on a track before its released so you could get good pre sales from record shops  and we now deal in the internet world where u need to do the opposite to try and stop the piracy but at the end of the day its  still ultimately putting out good music.

Is there anything forthcoming from yourself or the Playaz camp we should look out for? 

I am currently taking my first baby steps back into the studio by working on a remix for Mc Fats with Potential Bad Boy. I am just slowly getting the vibe to start writing again so hopefully I will be dealing some music in 2014/2015. As far as my label goes I have just released and album from my new signings Annix who are creating a great buzz on the underground, I also have a Original Sin EP coming after that on Playaz, then I am dealing a Taxman solo album in the new year that will surprise a lot of people as well as looking to bring back Ganja Recordings with a Potential Bad Boy album, plus loads of releases from Hazard, Bass Brothers, Subzero, and friends of the label like Break, Critical Impact and a whole lot more.

And finally what can we look forward to from your set on 18th October?

I will be doing my best to play a eclectic mix of dirty drum and bass all played out of the Dj Hype mixing pot!

Dj Hype

p.s. you can catch me on kiss radio 1-2am every tues night/weds morning and the last Friday of every month at Playaz @fabriclondon


Catch DJ Hype playing an exclusive Jungle Set at The Blast Spring Carnival on Saturday 28th April 2018 at Motion Bristol. 

pp.s. follow hype on twitter: djhype_playaz


my label website is playaz.co.uk