The Blast chat to Redlight ahead of our Lobster Boy event

We caught up with Redlight ahead of our upcoming Lobster Boy night at The Exchange for a quick chat about music, Mary Poppins and recommended Bristol boozers.


The Blast: Thanks for taking some time out to chat with us. So you’re currently living in London but will be back in Bristol on 15th September for the Lobster Boy show. As someone who was previously a resident in Bristol for many years what does the city mean to you?

Redlight: Growing up in the southwest was very important to me, especially with the explosion of jungle and the bristol sound in the 90’s when i was a young teenager. It taught me a lot about making music and being creative.

B: So Bristol has influenced you as a producer and performer?

R: Without a doubt. From seeing how people like Portishead / Massive Attack / Tricky to Full Cycle to Smith & Mighty stamped their own sound when i was young. To going ravin at Trinity, The Depot, Lakota and Thekla, to St Pauls carnival and Ashton Court festival, and even Feeder road warehouse partys! They all skooled me in music.

B: (Shit – we used to love those Feeder rd parties!). So anyway, you’ve worked with The Blast many times. What is it about their events?

R: They’ve done a lot for the current scene in Bristol and have helped me play some of the best parties I’ve ever played in Bristol.

B: Thanks man! (your cheque is in the post…) So anyway, usually when you play for us it’s at Shit the Bed on the main stage at Motion. Are you happy to be in Old Market at a new venue doing something a little more intimate this time?

R: Yeah man, I’m so ready! That’s what Lobster Boy is all about!

B: Nice. Can you take us through the line up for this event and tell us a bit about the acts involved?

R: Well Lobster Boy is all about new underground sounds comin through. New York Transit delivered a massive cut on Lobster late last year with Off the Trax, so it’s gonna be good to see him hurt his home town. Also be great to see what Mak and Pasteman come with as I’ve just sorted an E.P. from them for the label. Also Oneman needs no intro as he’ll just come through and deliver!



B: We can’t wait! So tell us a bit about Lobster Boy anyway. What is it and how did it come about?

R: Lobster Boy is a label I started originally a few years ago to release some of my own early material but now its really just about whoevers releasing on it, from N.Y.T.A to Mak & Pasteman to Route 94 to Animal Youth. Its all about new, fresh, cutting edge underground beats. Vinyl only underground cuts for The heads who wanna know about it. Nothing other than that really.. Just good music on a good medium for peeps who want it.

B: You’ve worked with a lot of people including Rusko, Ms Dynamite, Toddla T and Roses Gabor to name but a few. Who would be your dream artist to work with on a track as a vocalist or collaborator?

R: Right now? Probably Juicy J (tURn UP!)

B: Like a lot of your tunes, your latest release “Lost in Your Love” has a very upfront sound that is quite hard to pin down. What were you listening to in your formative years, and what acts or sounds do you feel have most influenced the current Redlight sound?

R: Everything really. From Nirvana to Lex Luther to Bizarre Inc to Art Department and beyond… For me this particular track was about building something for the Redlight project and for the festivals this summer



B: And what about music you listen to purely for pleasure. Can you give us an idea of that?

R: Mary Poppins soundtrack is one of my favourites closely followed by Titanic the movie soundtrack…. jokin! But seriously – Just whatever init. I listen to all sorts of music, but mainly I’m making it.

B: You’ve been heavily involved in Dance music for several years under various aliases. What do you think you might be doing with your time now if you weren’t a musician and DJ?

R: Hard to say really. Maybe a brain surgeon.

B: As an ex-Bristolian you must have a bit of local knowledge. What are some of your favourite local haunts? perhaps somewhere to check out for pre-event drinks? 

R: Yeeerr…. The Pipe & Slippers. Or for a late night sneaky mid-weeky probably Hyde & Co.

B: Classy booze, we like it! So anyway thanks for chatting to us. Finally what can we look forward to next from Redlight / Lobster Boy?

R: For Redlight I’m doing an album and will be taking it on the road next year. For Lobster Boy just to carry on releasing some experimental dance music from quality producers.

B: Nice. We’ll look out for the album then. See you on the 15th! 


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